February 10, 2009

RuthMichael Catalog ready to download!

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RuthMichael Spring 09 Catalog

RuthMichael Spring 09 Catalog

Ok, so, the catalog has been done for a little bit now, but….

Well, the economy is really taking a hit on our little business venture so I’ve spent the last two weeks in bed mulling over the future of our company… nah, I’m joking… well sort of.  But, I’ve decided tonight (or early this morning, rather) that I AM NOT GOING TO GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!  So There.  You big bad economy can just take it and shove it.  We are going to get through this! 

So, I’m putting a all call out there, comment me and tell me what amazing blogs, media, magazines, etc. I should hit in order to get the word out on our wonderful Handbag business that we’ve got here!  I need encouragement!  I need advice!  Ok, so maybe I’ll end up taking this whole blog down tomorrow when I wake up and realize what I’ve done in the wee hours of the morning when my wisdom is lacking and judgement is tired…. but, really doesn’t everyone want to know what’s really going on and not always get the veneered “Oh everything is going splendidly” line when the economy just says it’s not.

Ha, I got you there, I suckered you into clicking on this blog page (or whatever you call it… oh, it’s a POST, I’m still new at this!) and all you’re getting is my going on and on about the economy and depressing the living daylights out of you!  I so very much apologize.  Here, go to this link and download the catalog– the bright cheerful colors will brighten up your day quick as you can say “Tropical Bohemian” or “Pink Green Prepster” (those are my new Spring colors, fyi)!

Well, thanks for listening, I’ll post again soon and let you know how things are progressing.  But, while you’re at it, if you want to buy some RuthMichael gear, you can get up to 25% off (Yes, that’s 25% OFF!!!) from Amazon if you enter the code WINWIN09 in the code box.  Ah, what the heck… I’ll give the 5, 10 or 25% off on any order from now until Valentine’s day!  May that be my gift to you for sharing the Valentine’s day love to me by buying my stuff.  hmm.. .maybe I should post another blog so I can have a new caption. 

Anyway, when you download the catalog, be sure and note the picture of the fresh faced girl on the front– that would be my lovely daughter– who is turning 16 this month!  Happy Sweet Sixteen!  I love you!

Go to Spring 09 RuthMichael Catalog

December 30, 2008

Catalog Pictures Spring ’09

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So one day in December we had my friend Kat from Louisiana come and take some pictures of RuthMichael gear and… my daughter even agreed to let us take some pictures of her!  Enjoy the Spring preview– you will see some of these pictures show up in future publications, blogs, advertising and other things. 
RuthMichael Carrier(r), Pink Green Prepster
RuthMichael Carrier(r), Pink Green Prepster

The Carrier, One of our best sellers.  Load this versitile bag up with all your essentials for the day and stick it in the car and go. 

RuthMichael Carrier(r), Tropical Bohemian Spring ’09 is all about bright colors!  Get ahead of the game with this eye-popping combination! 
RuthMichael Carrier(r), Tropical Bohemian
RuthMichael Backpacks!New Items for Spring, these Backpacks are amazing– there’s even a padded compartment for your laptop– Not to mention all those pockets!
RuthMichael Backpacks!
My daughter draped in RuthMichael gear!
My daughter draped in RuthMichael gear!



 It’s a Keychain jumble!  New for Spring– RuthMichael is rolling out ID pouch Key rings as well as Cuff Key Rings!  Take your pick and carry your keys in style.

Check back for more pictures and more descriptions on new RuthMichael items!

All of us at RuthMichael hope that you had a great Holiday Season and that 2009 is just plain Amazin’!


November 11, 2008

Pink Green Prepster– New Fabric for Spring ’09!

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Pink Green Prepster - New for Spring 09!

Pink Green Prepster - New for Spring 09!

We got to see the full collection for the new Pink Green Prepster that RuthMichael will be rolling out for Spring ’09!  Next posts:  New Items we’ll be adding for Spring!  I’ll have pictures of our backpacks, cuff key rings, ID holders and tri-fold wallets!

November 9, 2008


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Hi, Just got back from a great trip to China!  Only thing is… It’s 4:08 and I can’t seem to fall asleep!


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